Society for Indonesian Biodiversity (SIB) or Masyarakat Biodiversitas Indonesia (MBI) has several activities includes journal publication, conference events, etc.

International Conference on Biodiversity and National Seminar on Biodiversity are regular events held by the Society for Indonesian Biodiversity (SIB) to disseminate new ideas and new researches on biodiversity, at the level of genes, species, ecosystems, as well as ethnobiological research. This event can also accept manuscripts in the field of biological science and technology, in general. Theme activities are always changing, but all the manuscripts in the scope can be presented. SIB also publishes the journal "Biodiversitas, Journal of Biological Diversity" and the journal "Nusantara Bioscience", as well as several other journals and proceedings to publish scientific manuscripts (see here for the periodicals list,

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For increasing manuscript publication, SIB make some partnership with several conference committees to select manuscript to be published in the appropriate journal.